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We are … a design and marketing agency offering creative solutions for print and digital media. Our extensive knowledge of this sector provides you with imaginative design ideas that will enrich your company and set you aside from those around you.

About Jez Brook – CB Creative’s creative director and founder

Jez BrookJez started his career after his A Levels in 1989 as an apprentice scanner operator for Cambridge Litho (part of the Foister and Jagg group). Operating a Crosfield Magnascan 550 scanner was a real craft. His team mastered this skill and soon became a force of 3 running 2 scanners after the new Crosfield 6250 was acquired.

After 5 years Jez was approached by Cambridge Repro to head up their scanning department. It was a bold move as they ran a Hell Chromagraph s3900 scanner – a very different machine to the Crosfield. During his time at Cambridge Repro, Apple Macs were starting to filter into the industry. This presented a new challenge to Jez and one that with his technical knowledge of scanning came easily.

2 years later Jez moved to DAR – Digital Artwork Repro. Unfazed by another scanner change, DAR was at the forefront of reprographics. Photoshop was now an integral part of scanning, utilising its features to clean blemishes and to remove hairs (a scanner operators nemesis). Jez stretched his knowledge of Photoshop and soon became the go to for many designers and agencies in the UK.

In 2005 Bulldog Publishing acquired Jez as their creative director. Jez headed up their design, advertising and web department transforming it into what it is today. His digital and print experience developed their existing publications – Quest and the Service Parents Guild to Boarding Schools. Soon Courses 4 Forces was launched along with its associated magazine and website.

It was now time for Jez to take those foundation years and develop his own digital and print agency, the birth of CB Creative Ltd. Since its launch Jez and his team have embarked on being at the cutting edge of:

  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Photo Retouching
  • Print
  • Digital Publications
  • Social Media
  • Digital Media
  • Video Editing

Taking on marketing challenges such as the development and launch of the BSA magazine and website to the design and development of the UK leading Find A Sweep website.

The CB Creative team

Great foundations grows success. Jez has brought in the best skills to enable jobs to progress with courage and commitment; the CB Creative team of Mel, Emma, Suresh, Lynn, Christian, Ned  and Julie are here to guide you through your next marketing adventure.

We’d love to find out how we can help you create something in print or online. Our industry knowledge will guide you through the process seamlessly. Take a look at some of our work